Thursday, July 15, 2010

Comcast...I hate you

I can't take it anymore. I realized yesterday that calling Comcast is actually unhealthy for me. Every single time I call someone tells me a different answer. Without fail. They have messed up our bill every single month, and when I call to ask questions, I get about 4 different answers. Yesterday when I called they said they overcharged us for internet and they would credit us $73.60 for the time period of the overcharge. Then I came home and they took away our movie channels. So I called back and recieved FOUR different prices for adding them back by FOUR different people. Five dollars, seven dollars, seventeen dollars, and fifteen dollars. When I asked the last person about the different prices he told me that everyone else was wrong. When I then asked how I knew he was the one with the right info...he essentially yelled at me. It's clear now this company makes up prices/promotions/rates. It's ridiculous.

It goes without saying we are looking into Direct TV.


ComcastCares1 said...

Sorry for the experience. We'd like to look into the billing and details of interaction with our employee. If you don't mind, please contact us; include your account info and a link to this page.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Holyoke Home said...

Isn't there a website

Melissa at said...

Yup hate them too. We had mulitple billing problems with them. We have Fios now despite my almost equal hatred of Verizon.

lacochran's evil twin said...

We love Dish TV. Nuff said.

Herb of DC said...

So it take a blog to get service disputes resolved? Why don't they just train their employees better?

Anonymous said...

yeah I went through a phase where I had to call every month for about 7 months about my bill changing. it's finally settled down for 2 months now, but we'll see...

Christina said...

I'm sorry, is no one else reacting to the fact that they have an employee (or at least a spambot) trolling the internet looking for posts like this and leaving comments to apologize? But they can't seem to train their employees properly to begin with? Better late than never I guess.

Anonymous said...


Benny said...


Yes, the comcast troll is pretty intense. But, it would be better if they didn't need to have one...


Anonymous said...

Just dropped comcrap in favor of directv. Much better.... Unfortunately, I still have to keep them for internet.

Anonymous said...

You wonder why I moved just a tad over the dc/md line? FIOS!!

Keeley said...

Found your blog through Young House Love.

I had 7 years of drama with Comcast (I lived in Beltsville, MD and later in Delaware) and we ditched them in April 2009 for FiOS and never looked back. Yes, Verizon costs a few extra bucks per month, but they have been drama-free, the picture quality is better, and I get more channels. If FiOS comes to your neighborhood, try it.

Kamantha said...

I made a definite decision when I bought my rowhome that I didnt want to go through the nightmare of Comcast. I have had Directv since 2001 with no major problems. Also I have Verizon for internet $19.99/mo. So I have been able to steer clear of Comcast!

Anonymous said...

Shew!! Here I thought it was all me . . . NOT! I did an online chat last week and when I would reply to the other person "Greg" with the FACT that our TV does NOT have a box as it is a BRAND new TV and should not need that icky, tacky dust collector (I swear they are tracking my every move with those things!) he would tell me to turn on my TV so he can send some signal out to my box . . I'd say the TV is on, that is how I know I am not getting the channel I pay (dearly) for each month and I do not have a box . . . again "Greg" would say I am sending a signal and your TV should be working within half an hour. YIKES! I guess they are "smoking on the job" or he was dropped on his head a few times . . "Greg" sure did not seem to have any other answer for me then the (non existant) black box has to be my problem.

Anonymous said...

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