Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Roofing is Awesome

I can name you 10 reasons why having roofing work done is not awesome. But, there is one reason it is: they work outside. That means, no keys, no being dressed when they get there, no worrying the house is messy (or they are going to make it messy), no rushing home, no fretting about having to stay home.

Oh, another reason. . .I don't actual have to see things like this:

That is a picture of old rotted wood from underneath our gutters (which we are having replaced). Our gutters in the front our built into the roofline of the house and the wood supports have seen better days (probably like 100 years ago by they way that looks!


Melissa at said...

Wow. That is crazy. Still very exciting - just be glad you don't have to get up there and do the work!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Those are all very good reasons for appreciating your roofers! ha

Jim said...

Nice shot. Are they just replacing the old tin? What are they replacing it with?

Benny said...

Hi Jim,

They are actually replacing all the wood framing, and then using new copper. It's a process.


Group Purchase Online said...

I'm sat at my desklooking at your blog thinking, that ladder is way to steep.

Sierra Nordgren said...

Seeing the rot on the wood can be pretty frustrating. Not so much when you're getting the roofing replaced, though. After a while, that wood will be gone, and there will be a new roof. You could think of that as one more awesome reason.

Max Boughner said...

Well, that's the benefit of having roofers do the job. And it does help that you need not fidget much when they work. How's the roof now? Have they replaced it?

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