Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ask DC Rowhouse: The Front Door


I love the mahogany door you bought for your front door. We are looking to replace ours and we were wondering where you found yours. I absolutely love the look. We may mimic your entire set-up with the all glass security door. Really opens up the entire face of your home. Lovely!


Hi Lauren,
Thanks for your gracious comments! Choosing the front door was actually one of the easier projects. As it turns out, everything was from Lowes.  We choose a mahogany six panel door at first, and stained/painted it ourselves. We had to special order it from Lowe's, but it was a pretty simple process and only took a couple weeks to arrive. We hired someone who installed the hardware and hung it for us. After a couple years, and sick of the draft, we had a storm/secure door installed. Since installing the glass door, we've seen our heating bill go down and have no more drafts. Overall, it's worked out pretty well. Thanks again for reading the blog!


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  • Blood Blisters: 2
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