Monday, January 21, 2008

Stained Glass II

We met Eileen (the stained glass artist) who is creating the piece for above our door. The piece will contain our house numbers. Her website is: She is such a joy to work with and we cannot wait to have our finished piece. The picture here is a mock-up of the design we have decided on (so far). (No, stalkers, those are not our real house numbers).

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

That will look nice. I can't wait to see the finished product... I love good stained glass.

Injuries Obtained

  • Sprained Toe/Foot: 1
  • Blood Blisters: 2
  • Splinters under fingernail: 1
  • Bird Shit on me: 1
  • Eye Injuries: 3
  • Burns: 0
  • Falls off ladder: 0 (this is because we don't have a ladder yet)
  • Headaches: too many to itemize
  • Broken Bones: 0
  • Bandages Needed: 5
  • Electric Shocks: 2
  • Stiches: 0
  • Bruises: way too many