Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Decorating

I think the time has come that people are in full gear for Holiday decorations in their house. While I am lagging behind, what with the pumpkin still on the front steps and all, I certainly have seen many ideas to share. I recently went on a holiday home tour and found some great and inexpensive ideas to share. The first, which I saw last year in Martha Stewart Living, was to hang ornaments in your windows. Here is Martha's rendition:

The interior designer I saw had them hung on ribbons and draped over the window lever - so they hung on the lower half of the window. This was a great idea because you can use a smaller ornament, cause no damage to your window casing, and hang it and remove it with ease. Well done! The information on the designer (whose decorating ideas were to die for) can be found at

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Injuries Obtained

  • Sprained Toe/Foot: 1
  • Blood Blisters: 2
  • Splinters under fingernail: 1
  • Bird Shit on me: 1
  • Eye Injuries: 3
  • Burns: 0
  • Falls off ladder: 0 (this is because we don't have a ladder yet)
  • Headaches: too many to itemize
  • Broken Bones: 0
  • Bandages Needed: 5
  • Electric Shocks: 2
  • Stiches: 0
  • Bruises: way too many