Thursday, January 15, 2009

Design Debate

For the past, I don't know, YEAR, I have been flip-flopping on the counter color for the kitchen. I know I want white shaker cabinets, but I am a little unsure on the counter/back splash. So, I'll have you weigh in. Here are the options:

Kitchen #1

Kitchen #2

(from the amazing talents of Wanderluster)

So? Tell me which one you like best.

Which kitchen design do you like best?

Kitchen #1 (black counter)

Kitchen #2 (neutral counter)


min hus said...

Ok, I spent like, wayyyy too much time thinking about this. :) I'm doing a mental renovation of my own kitchen and I'm not sure on countertop contenders. I also want white cabinets and black counters are in consideration, but I'm much more drawn to the second pic here.

What is the color of the second one? A tan/brown mix? That's how it looks to me which is why it surprises me I prefer that one. I think it might not be the color of the countertops that draws me in as much as that I really like how well the counters and backsplash blend together. Also the second one is just a better pic and shows a much lighter and brighter kitchen.

My point? I TOTALLY understand the conundrum!

Ben said...

Min hus,

the second picture IS a better picture in general. The lighting is much more appealing.

Oh, and thanks for not helping. ;)

Corey said...

I say number two, given the choices. If you want black counters on white cabinets, what about soapstone?

As an aside, I've been really drawn to black cabinets with white tops lately (either marble or white quartz).

Ben said...


I would love to do soapstone, but I think it's a lot more expensive than granite. Right?

Wanderluster said...

I may be biased (glad you liked my kitchen ;)) but I like #2, lol. Dark counters though are great for hiding stains. My counter was Kashmir White granite, mostly grey and white with some raisin bits.

Pamela said...

I have honed black granite with white cabinets. I was able to put in a slab marble backsplash with the granite and it was still cheaper than soapstone. Black granite is for people, like me, who wipe down counters frequently and are in charge of their own kitchen. Every crumb shows! The marble backsplash, also honed, is no work whatsoever. In fact, carrera marble hardly shows any marks, dust or dirt! For my decor, which has a Carrera marble entrance hall and bathroom, as well as dark grey marble firepalce surround; I wanted to stay in the black -grey-white spectrum and get a bit of contrast going.

Debra said...


Are you hiring a kitchen designer? I own a townhouse in the DC suburbs that desparately needs redone. I'm thinking about hiring one to help me but nervous about costs.

I covet Wanderluster's kitchen

Ben said...

Hey Debra,

I am doing the kitchen design myself. I know the layout and the materials all I need to do is purchase them! Oh, and stop waffling between the counter colors. Need help with your kitchen? Send me a pic and I'll see what I can do!

Jaz said...

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