Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Kitchen Kaboodle

So now that you've seen the final product, I bet you thought, "hey what did that cost?". Well, you're about to find out.

Here's the breakdown for you:

- Cabinets from IKEA: $2600
- Granite Counter: $1850
- Appliances: $4876
- Cabinet Hardware: $372.24
- Sink: $278
- Lighting: $289.65
- Disposal: $319
- Faucet: $300.45
- Tall china cabinets: $313.95
- Tiles: $198.73
- Crown molding: $28.56
- Floors: $1940

Total: $12,964

I told you it would be shocking! How did we do it so cheap? Simply: we did a lot of the labor ourselves. We saved over 1k by just doing the demo ourselves - and we also saved the environment a little by carefully removing our cabinets and donating them instead of throwing them in a dumpster. I did all the general contracting and design work myself (though many people questioned the open shelf!). We painted ourselves, and we bought all the materials ourselves (which means we were not paying an extra cost on them).

But, we did pay someone to do most of the labor for us. I didn't include it in the budget (except for with the floors), because everything they did - we could have done. So technically, we could have only spent money on the materials. Well, we couldn't have moved the gas lines ourselves, but that cost $387, so it certainly did not break the bank. So, why didn't we just do all the labor? Well, we wanted the kitchen done in the century. . . so it just made more sense.

I also did my research on the materials. The cabinets were from IKEA so they certainly saved us a bundle, and they seem to be every bit as good as the white cabinets we looked at from Lowe's and Home Depot. The granite was a super steal, and the installation job (included in the price) was amazing by the way. We got the tile from Lowe's and it was really cheap. We even have 200+ tiles left so that estimate is really high. I scored when the china cabinets went on sale in the summer for 50% off!! So I got two for the price of one. It did mean showing up at IKEA with a herd of people and running to get them, but it was a thrill. I added the casters myself (about $5 a piece) and turned them into the rolling storage I wanted.

I also splurged on items that wouldn't break the bank but would add a lot. I bought really expensive cabinet hardware from Restoration Hardware. I could have got the hardware for a fraction of the price, but in the end, it didn't add that much to the budget and it makes a big different. I also purchased the best garbage disposal. I could have spent $99, but for a little more, I got a lot more bang for my buck.

Tune in tomorrow for a reflection of the kitchen and *gasp* things I would have changed!


carrie said...

We're going to be renovating our kitchen in the next couple years and I'm curious about your cabinets. How did you decide to go with IKEA? Have you seen any kitchens that have used IKEA? How'd they hold up?

I love the open shelf, by the way! I know I can't do a whole wall of open shelving but I could probably keep 1 tidy.

Benny said...

Hey Carrie,

We took a while to decide on cabinets, like a year. The IKEA cabinets are not warranteed for 25 years. So far, they are great! We also talked to a bunch of contractors who have used them and they didn't have complaints.

We looked at the other thermafoil white cabinetry and they all had a partical board frame on them. So did IKEA. . . for like 1/4 of the price.

On tip though. I saw how our contractor put them together, they used liquid nails in addition to the standard nails they provide for the framing. I thought that was a great idea and I would recommend that method!

Good Luck!

Jamie said...

Who did your counter out of curiosity?

Benny said...


Oops! I forgot to add them on the resource list. It is Stone International and they are in beltsville, md.


Scenic Artisan said...

smart move on hiring someone for parts of the job. i did our kitchen reno myself and it took me almost a year. had to replace joists and such though.. still, so many little weird things in old houses.

as far as ikea cabinets go. we did ikea too. surprising what excellent quality the drawer slides are, but the cabinets themselves are starting to show their age/quality ( 5 years now, or so..). if i reno a kitchen again, i probably wouldn't use them.

also, i love the open shelf. its good you stuck to that element.

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