Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dewalt Impact Driver

I received this kit in the beginning of October to test out. Yes, by received I mean they gave it to me. Still reading? Or are you so jealous you are smashing your fits on the desk. Still here? Great. Don't worry, my Dad feels the same way. He tries to work into every conversation I have with him that I should give it to him to test out . . . because like, he gave me life and stuff. Whatever, we're talking DeWalt here. No dice. Though I admit, it took me a little time to figure out how to put this puppy to the test. I mean, what does a homeowner really need to use an impact driver for? I was wrong, there are lots of stuff.

The first test was trying to take the disgusting blind out of the kitchen window. I couldn't get the screw out with a regular screw driver (too tight) and the angle was too much for my cordless drill. I knew now I could finally use the impact driver. New tool kits are like Christmas morning and I ripped it open as such. From the beginning, I have to say the tools and accessories are packed really nicely. The cases are built tough and unlike the other drill and accessories I had, the cases do not have a snap closure, they either slide to lock or use a latch system.

Along with the kit, I received the Impact Ready accessories. What I was most excited about was the magnetic pivot bit holder. So I set the pieces together to tackle the old blind. It worked effortlessly and the driver has a small flashlight at the end so it illuminates what you are working on. I don't know about you, but guessing on where the screw is, it a huge annoyance. I didn't notice the light before, but when it started working, it was a great feature.

My next turn with the impact driver was removing and adding baseboards (more on that later). The studs in the house are metal, and the baseboards were screwed into the studs. Impact driver to the rescue! Like waving a magic wand, it made short work of the tough screws. The impact ready accessories are also built for, well, impact. The drill bits are apparently 5x stronger than a standard bit.

Next up, figuring out how I can use those hole saws. You know you like something when you make up projects to use it with.


carrie said...

Oh that's awesome!!

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about what to do next with your new Dewalt tools. I'm making a list for your right now, as we speak! Make sure you bring it "Home" for the Holidays!


Larry said...


Dewalt Impact Driver said...

Ben, can't tell you how refreshing it is to come across another female who likes tools (and appreciates a good one!) as much as I do. I've heard many women be unhappy when husbands gave them tools as christmas presents, but its right up there at the top of my wish-lists ...together with gorgeous perfume of course which I also love!

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