Monday, March 29, 2010

State of the Rowhouse

It has certainly been awhile, but things are ramping back up here at DC Rowhouse. Here's a sneak peek:

I can tell you, this project is kicking my ass. From planning to inception this thing has been a little bugger.  From the photo you can see this is our bedroom.  For some reason we finished the guest room first and left our room to linger. . . for years. So, it was time to do something.  One of the pieces (the one I hoped to get done first) was the get cable upstairs. Now, I could have done it myself or called an electrician, but I needed to get the cable company out to move the line in the back so I figured I'd have them do the whole job.  This has been the worst contracting experience by far.

Let me start from the beginning. A month ago, I called Comcast (our horrible cable provider) to schedule a call for a custom installation. I explained on the phone exactly what I wanted. After being put on hold from no less than six times so the Comcast operator could ask his manager questions, they scheduled a call. I made the appointment far in advance for March 20th. On March 20th, the installer called me early in the morning to inquire about what I wanted. I explained and he said, "yeah, I don't do that". He still showed up for the appointment and told me I needed a custom installation appointment. With more than annoyance in my voice, I explained that is exactly what I booked. Well, apparently they made a mistake. Four calls later and I was set up for an appointment for the 26th, because they wouldn't do custom installs on the weekend. Fine. I just wanted to get it done.

The 26th was Friday. They were suppose to come first thing in the morning.  By 2pm, no one had showed so I phoned in to them to inquire. "oh", the operator said, "you're scheduled for tomorrow between 11 and 2". WHAT?! Even when I called comcast the automated line told me I was schedule for the 26th, the operator said the 27th. She said she would check and call me back. She never called. Fuming, I waiting impatiently for someone to show on Saturday, the 27th. At 1:30pm, they finally arrived. I showed him what I wanted to get done. After hemming and hawing he asked me when I would like to make the appointment. Um, what? This IS the appointment I replied.  No, no he said, he was out to do a survey of the site only, and would have to come back. The level of rage I now had was unhealthy.

I could spend 2-3 paragraphs on the idiotic conversation I had with Comcast guy #2, but it wouldn't provide any good. Simply put, this guy was rude and apparently a Comcast contractor.

I'll fill you in on the rest of the story when it happens.


Jamie said...

Did you want Comcast to fish cables inside the walls? I am not sure that's something they do :) But if you can get that kind of work out of a comcast guy call me impressed!

Monique said...

Makes the Dish or Fios sound more appealing all the time. Feel for you in the horrific scheduling issues. I would suggest a link to your blog or copy/paste the rant to Comcast directly.

Benny said...


Comcast does do wallfishes . . . it is just a huge pain to get them to do it. As you can tell.


Holyoke Home said...

I fuming on your behalf all the way over here! How do they stay in business?!


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