Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stupid Markets

I know. The market is getting worse. I haven't opened my 401k updates in a long time. I simply pop them in the shredder. I mean, I am young enough to ride this out so I am simply turning a blind eye right now. That said it's probably not the best time to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation. So, it's been postponed.

Now, it's not like there are not fifty other less expensive projects to be done! In fact, this is probably for the best. The new focus will be on painting, wiring, closets, molding, oh I could go on and on. Hey, who knows, with Linen's 'n Things closing I might be able to get some good deals. Now, if only I could use this trick for tools . . .


The Scribe of Notting Hill said...

Everyone's saying "don't spend your savings on a new kitchen" just as I am :-S

Ben said...

Ah yes, the rub is if you have already started. Well, think of it this way - you're putting the money into your house (which might be a better investment then the stock market as though as you aren't selling any time soon).

Good Luck!

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