Monday, September 14, 2009

My New Obsession: the zigzag rug

I saw this picture from Domino Magazine:

Too many thoughts came at once and my brain was on overload. This is not my typical style. But, I love it. And, by "love it", I mean I have an unhealthy over-googling obsession with it. I love the white linens, the ruffles on the curtains, the wallpaper, the teal accents, and the rug. Oh, the rug.

I believe that is a Madeline Weinrib rug. You can see it here. Apparently, her lovely rugs are really expensive. So, I will not be getting one. But, I would like something like it.

West Elm has a similar rug:

But, it doesn't have the navy/white flare I need.

Le sigh.


G said...

What if you painted the floor with navy/white zigzags like that? could be a cheap alternative. Got my wheels churning...

Benny said...


Not sure I want to paint my new floors just yet. . .but it's a pretty good idea!


Lane said...

Zigzag rugs are very chic and exquisite. Every modern woman wants to own one of those. Even if it seems that it doesn't need some maintenance because of its color, I think that it still needs some carpet cleaning. Ft Myers cleaning stores has great cleaning tools for any kind of carpet and rug you might have at home.

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