Monday, September 21, 2009

Wreaths? Yeah or Neh?

This weekend (the first time I have been home on a weekend in 6 weeks!) I got to experience the joy of strolling though Target. Solo. Which meant I could ooh and ahh over all the fall stuff and Halloween candy. I saw this wreath:

and I thought: that would look mighty nice on my front door. But, a wreath? Really? I am all for a fresh wreath around Christmas, but a faux cattail wreath? I don't know. Then, what? Would I have to get a special box for it? I walked away... but I still kinda want it.

What's your opinion?

What's the deal with fall wreaths?
They're great! Love em!
Only on the outside door!
Eh...some are nice
Are you kidding? A wreath? What's next potpourri in a glass cat bowl on the coffee table? free polls

1 comment:

Mrs. Limestone said...

I like wreathes in general. I put up black feather wreathes for Halloween - so its not just a Christmas thing)

Im not crazy about that particular wreath - its a little more country style than I would pick for a rowhouse. But if it caught your eye, you should go for it.

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