Monday, February 1, 2010

I forgot about early mornings

A few months ago, I noticed one of the lines on our range LCD display wasn't showing. So, and 8 would look like a 3. Grrrr. Doing what I normally do, I put it off. Until two weeks ago where I called Sears and in 15 minutes my part was ordered and I had a visit scheduled. Well, that was easier that I thought. Then, I did that other thing I do. . . I forgot about it.

So, when at 7:30am on Saturday the phone rang, we both jumped up and assumed something bad had happened. Since it was 7:30am on a Saturday and who in their right mind would be calling! The repair guy, that's who. See, I made the appointment for between 8am-12pm. But, that always means 11:45am-ish, right? Apparently not.

We were back to the days of having workers in the house before the recommended dose of morning coffee and that always end up a bad start to the day.

I'm gathering more information for the bathroom remodels and some other odds and ends. Looks like we might have a finished house by the end of this year. Did I just jinx us? Probably. Damn it!

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