Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IKEA Kitchen Installation Options

It was pretty confusing walking around IKEA for the first time looking at the kitchen prices. The signs noting the installation prices seemed pretty vague about what exactly that meant. Was it for the cabinets + installation? Just installation? After visiting Lowes, and Home Depot, a price tag of over 3k for cabinet install was no longer sticker shock. In fact, the lowest rate we got for our kitchen (just to hang the cabinets) was $1500. Mind you, our kitchen is about 8 x10. Not big.

Interested in what IKEA charges for their services? I've made a quick list for reference (this is based on the College Park, MD prices):

- Basic cabinet install: $99/per cabinet (but, if you assemble them, it's $69/cabinet)

- Assembly only: $30/cabinet

- Planning Service (they design it for you): $150

- Measurement service: $75

- Countertop installation: $25 per linear foot (this includes 2 cut outs)

- Environmentally friendly appliance removal: $40 per appliance

- Appliance install for 4 appliances: $500

- Install sinks and connecting water supply: $250

- Delivery service: $79 for the first 20 items, $10 for each additional 10 items (one appliance = five items)

What do you think?


HomeImprovementNinja said...

Assemble it yourself, even if you want it installed by someone else. The first one will take you a little while, but after that it should take no more than 10-15 minutes tops to assemble each cabinet. That works out to about $120-180 / hour. You'll be earning like a doctor or dentist.

Scenic Artisan said...

agreed about putting your own cabinets together. easy as pie.

planning service? thats just the design? can't you do it yourself on line for free?

whats environmentally friendly appliance removal? if they still work, you could freecycle them.

delivery service. so totally worth it since they even bring it inside.

installing the cabinets is not really that hard. you need to anchor in the metal rail ( thats the vital and possible tricky part), then you just bolt each cabinet to the rail, and sex bolt them to each other. its pretty easy.

Ben said...

Ninja & Scenic Artisan:

I totally agree on putting them together. But, I think I am going to have them do the install. We have 10 cabinets, so for $690 I don't have to worry about it.


dcdude said...

Ooh, what's a sex bolt, Scenic? I want one! (j/k) Seriously, if your looking to save money on the renovation, assembling and hanging the cabinets yourself is the best way to do it. You can put the extra $ toward nicer countertops or appliances. Just my $0.02.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this... as someone also looking to reno my DC kitchen, it's really, really helpful info.

so they do the install... but who does the demo/taking out the old

Anonymous said...

We did it all ourselves and it wasn't really that hard at all. The design software is actually pretty good. The assembly is not hard at all. Hanging the cabinets isn't hard really either, but you want to make sure you've got clamps and good saw blades and straight edges.

If I had to pick one major DIY project for a modestly handy person, it would be the Ikea Kitchen assembly and install.

I understand just having someone git-er-dun, but there are a lot of harder, less fun projects. This one is one of the best.


Ben said...

Anon 10:47,

They will do the demo for you, but they said most people who are getting IKEA kitchen tend to do it themselves so it is not posted as an option.


monica said...

Hi, delurking to say that demoing the kitchen yourself is reeeealy time-consuming. Although I had fun doing ours, but I'm weird like that. :)

Also, I highly recommend an Ikea installer/general contractor named Sabri Ericksen (found him thru the Potomac Mills Ikea). His schedule can be wonky (he also works as a flight attendant), but he's super nice + does really good work. Don't know if he's still around though, our kitchen reno was in 2004. I also doubt he'd give you any guff about open shelving. :)

Some pix of our reno, If you're interested.

love the site!

Ben said...

Hey Monica,

Thanks for sharing your pics! I love your kitchen! The wall color is amazing too!


monica said...

haha! which color was it you liked? I think the light balance was different in every single photo!

That "Tennessee Haze" was Behr, from The Home Despot.

handyman said...

You can always entrust this kind of job to your handymen. It's great that they're always just a call a way.

Furniture Assembly Experts said...

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