Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kitchen Labor Quote

After I quick follow-up e-mail I promptly received the quote for the kitchen (sometimes these guys just need a little reminder). So here's the breakdown:

Demo of kitchen ($1200)
Removal of appliances ($120)
Separate price just to haul away cabinets ($280)
Assemble and install cabinets ($990 - 10 cabinets at $99 each)
Just install cabinets - you assemble ($690 - 10 cabinets at $69 each)
Install 6 side panels ($150 - $25 a piece)
move 2 electrical outlets ($400)
Run new electrical from panel for microwave ($335)
Patch drywall from electrical work ($210)
Move sink location ($480)
Install crown molding ($163)
Tile backsplash ($515)
Install appliances ($500)

So, looks like we are in for about $3500 worth of labor costs for the kitchen. Which, is not too terrible, but it does still seem like an awful lot of money. I suppose it's also because of the times. With the buzz word 'recession' filling the air and every magazine and news story talking about how to save money by like, making your own laundry detergent and stuff, it just seems like a lot of money to spend right now. I'm sure I'll get over it the minute it's all done.


SFDC said...

Could you save some money by doing the demo yourselves?

Jamie said...

That actually seems really cheap to me.

Kelly said...

Ditto - think that is really cheap. We paid close to $15k for labor for our kitchen remodel!

Ben said...


Yup, we are doing the demo ourselves, so that will help out a lot with the costs.


I agree. These are good rates. It's just about spending that amount of money in general - regardless of the deal.


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I'd bet that you could find someone to haul away the old cabinets for free, or maybe even pay you a bit for them. I know that there are plenty of people who want old cabinets to hold junk in their basement or garage, at least around here. Every time I've responded to a posting for free cabinets on my local Craigslist, they've already been taken.

Anonymous said...

Christopher is on the right track. We've got three re-use centers within a few miles of us, and I'll bet you have a couple too. They'll often come take the cabinets out for a modest fee, too.

Definitely do the demo yourself. If there's old paint, just get a couple P100 respirators (Online or even at HD), just in case there's lead paint or something else unpleasant. Weare gloves and eye protection and you're good to go. Checp pry bars from Big Lots will be fine, and a good crow bar or two help too.

I'd also consider moving the electric, too, If you're willing to do your research.

Putting cabinets together too is pretty darned easy.


Corey said...

Glad to see you are doing demo yourself. Also, if you are getting new appliances, many places will take the old ones for free. Also, $500 for installing appliances seems high. If you get new appliances they should just do that for free, or for a very small fee. And like others have said below, you can just sell the old appliances and cabinets on craigslist. You could even tell someone that they have to help remove them for you too.

You could move the outlets yourself. It's super easy. Running the line to the microwave is a bit more difficult and will require you to add a breaker to your panel. If you are uncomfortable with electricity I wouldn't do it yourself.

Drywall work and laying a tile backsplash is easy, so you should be able to do that yourself.

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