Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IKEA Kitchen Sale

The IKEA Kitchen sale ends Sunday. This Sunday. Like, 5 days from now! We have not ordered our cabinets. In fact, we don't plan to put in the cabinets until July (Ugh, I know!). However, should we order them now? I have no idea! How long does it take them to come in? Can they hold them for us?


Jon said...

When I purchased my cabinets, I picked them up that day (I believe this is typical). I'd say get them if you have somewhere you can store them - you can save a bunch of money with that sale (i did the same).

I have a picture of what they looked like when still in boxes:

Ben said...


Thanks for the photo! It really helps to get an idea what we are in for!


HomeImprovementNinja said...

I fit my whole ikea kitchen (not including the countertop) in the back of my SUV (with the seats folded down) and on the roof. It's inconvenient, but if you can find space for it and know the sizes, it will work out.

Mrs. Limestone said...

I guess it depends on how sure about your timing. If you absolutely KNOW you are going to buy them in July - its worth getting them now and living with a few extra boxes around. But if there is even a small chance you won't use them or your project will be a lot more delayed, its not worth the 20%. Good luck either way.

Ben said...


I have a sedan. Those babies are not going to fit!

Mrs. Limestone,

I agree. Not sure I'll have the space for them at all since I have to move everything from the downstairs upstairs anyway. Oh well.


Pacha Mama said...

Run, don't walk, to IKEA. If only they had been 20% off when we bought ours last fall. Also, they boxes have to lay TOTALLY FLAT. It is inconvenient, but so are all home renos. Also, make sure it is an area that will not have moisture problems (some of our shelves were damaged in the not-so-great flood of '08). Good luck.

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