Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Got Requests?

Since it's pretty slow at DC Rowhouse right now (as we wait for the kitchen/downstairs remodel to start), I am taking requests. Need ideas for a room? Decor? Remodel ideas?

I have a mountain of ideas and items stored in my head and I only have used a small fraction! Tap into those at:


Mrs. Limestone said...

I just posted a very similar question over at my blog. The well has run dry while I work on other stuff :) Love to hear your comments.

I liked your look for less post. And Im generally a fan of pretty much any post that shares corners of your home.

Ben said...

Mrs. Limestone,

Thanks for the tips!

Injuries Obtained

  • Sprained Toe/Foot: 1
  • Blood Blisters: 2
  • Splinters under fingernail: 1
  • Bird Shit on me: 1
  • Eye Injuries: 3
  • Burns: 0
  • Falls off ladder: 0 (this is because we don't have a ladder yet)
  • Headaches: too many to itemize
  • Broken Bones: 0
  • Bandages Needed: 5
  • Electric Shocks: 2
  • Stiches: 0
  • Bruises: way too many