Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Steal this look. . . for less

I love (LOVE) Potterybarn. This month's obsession is dedicated to the sea urchin salt and pepper shaker:

But although I deeply love Potterybarn, I don't always love thier prices. I decided to see if I could replicate this look (using the shakers as my centerpiece) for less:

Check out the savings if you were to set a table for four the DC Rowhouse way:

Potterybarn bowls ($60 for four) vs. the sea-shaped cereal bowls at Kohls ($27.96 for four) = savings of $32.04

Potterybarn chargers ($144 for six) vs. Target chargers ($26.99) = savings of $87.01

White dinner and salad plates from Ikea for four ($35.92) instead of the potterybarn great white ($56)= savings of $20.08

Wine glasses from Target ($14.99) versus Potterybarn ($66) = $51.01 in savings

Hemstitch napkins from Target ($14.99) versus Potterybarn ($54) = $39.01 in savings!

A total savings of $229.15. You all know what I'll be buying this weekend. . .


Alison said...

I am coveting the sea-urchin salt and peps. I may have to get them. I WAS loving the green glass starfish at the pottery barn, until annoying/vapid pottery barn employee #1 approached and I had to flee.

Ben said...


Seems we are not the only ones enjoying these sea urchin lovelies. They were sold out when I went to get them! Boo!


Sam said...

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