Thursday, July 24, 2008

The best advice

Since, I am on hiatus from doing any huge renovations. . . I might as well plan!

One of the best piece of marriage advice came from Shaquille O'Neal's wife (yes, I know, they are getting divorced) on an episode of MTV cribs. She mentioned that having your own bathroom is a "must have". Since we have two full baths upstairs, it seems this should already be happening. It isn't. For some reason, we don't use the hall bathroom. I think the lack of light has something to do with it, the room is in desperate need of a sky-light. It is a priority. After that, we plan to renovate and make it into Dan's bathroom. Need more of an idea? Check out the idea board:


Jamie said...

I love it when people with gazillions of dollars describe things as "must have."

My own take would be the opposite... if you can't even handle sharing a bathroom with your spouse, you really ought to think about why you're married in the first place.

Of course, I'm also divorced... but it had nothing to do with our bathroom, which we had only one of upstairs :-)

Anyway, I think a 2nd bathroom upstairs would be far more useful as a guest or kids bathroom. Sounds like that's how it's working out for you guys.

Moral of the story: never take marriage advice from professional athletes. Or actors, for that matter.

Corey said...

Light is so important in a bathroom. I can't image what it would be like without the skylights in our bathroom!

Where are you finding those 1" marble hex tiles? I'm thinking about doing a shower floor with them.

Ben said...

Hey corey,

I have to say, it was a little work finding those tiles. I plan to use them on the floor and the shower floor, with white subway on the walls. Here is a link to where I found them, there is a min in ordering though. Also, you can try e-bay or craigslist.


Take a breath, you sound stressed. Think about it this way, if you and a friend had two brownies - wouldn't you want one for yourself? You would, wouldn't you.

I assume if we did have a child of mobile age, they would use this bathroom. Alas, we don't. Guests will use this bath when they come over (mainly because it would be downright awkward to ask them to use the bathroom in our bedroom).

Anyway, the idea of taking marriage advice from an episode of MTV crib's was suppose to ensue laughter. I suppose this attempt failed on you. My b, dude. My b.

Jamie said...

Did that come across as stressed? It wasn't meant to be so at all, it was also supposed to be funny, as well as an objective observation about how people on budget of less than $120 million a year might have to live. Apparently, my humor is as dry as a wedding in Salt Lake City. My bad, and I will apply lubriderm to my funny bone.

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