Monday, July 28, 2008

Train Racks

When I started looking around at bathroom hardware, something about the vintage train racks caught my eye. I'm not sure if I will have space for one in either bathroom, but I still love them.

Here are some options I have found:

The mercer train rack at is $169. A definite splurge for a fancy towel rack.

The Ashby train rack from Restoration Hardware is coming in at a cool $249, however it is currently on sale for less (and by less, I mean, still not affordable).

So, we head down to Stacks and Stacks, which carries a less lovely, but equally functional style for $18.99.

Then, you can zip over to Wal-mart and pick one up for $15-27, in several styles. If you're not into installing a new piece of hardware, you can just fit this expanding shelf unit into your current towel bar for less than $20, thanks to linens 'n things.

I guess it comes down to the budget. Ugh, the budget. "Budget" is becoming a four letter word to me. Then the question comes in, just because I "can" afford it, "should" I purchase it? Some of these home improvement shows have startled me when showing people improving their homes with no hope of return. Now, I get that a $200 towel rack is nothing to fret over, but a 35k kitchen might be. It all adds up . . .

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