Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kitchen: Day 11 . . .more plumbing work

There were two problems with the water main valve: It would not turn properly, and we could not locate the street site to shut it off from there. I found all my neighbors though.. . . yay? I waited for the plumber to show up and fretted about how much this was going to cost. His phone estimate was $450. Yikes. But, isn't it always just a little more than they say on the phone?

Once he showed up he went right to work. Turns out the knob was the problem and in 10 minutes he had the water off. So, it was only $150 for the service call. That made my morning a little more pleasant, but I'm still grumpy about the delay. I hope I can get the kitchen guys back ASAP so we can get things rolling again.

It was all going too easy. . .wasn't it?


carrie @ brick city love said...

Yup! I'm finding this always take longer and cost more than you initially expect. At least you're back on track! Hope they can come back and get started soon.

Benny said...

At this point, I'm just glad I cushioned my budget!

Holyoke Home said...

Ack! Le sigh. that must LE SUCK! Makes me wonder where my water main shut off is located.

Benny said...


Le Suck is right. But, it was fixed. You should certainly look for the main shut off . . .before you start a project.


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