Monday, April 7, 2008

All Work and No Play makes Ben a dull boy (girl)

It started as an adventure, trying to cram all our stuff into bathrooms, closets and other nooks. Then, we got cranky. Friday night we had managed to move everything either downstairs or in one of the bathrooms. Saturday we ripped up some of the carpet upstairs and Sunday we did the rest. Let's just say it was fitting that I happened to get my tetanus booster on the same day we began the project. Rusty nails galore!

Since I need the floor guys to finish the job in 5 days, they opted to start on Saturday for a few hours to get a jump on things. They were to come at 9am and I was happy to see them when they showed up 15 minutes early. This made me love Roy and his crew a little more. Another great thing about Roy is the way he conducts his contracts in terms of payment. We paid for the materials straight from the wholesaler (which made is nice) and we will pay Roy for the labor when he finishes the job. Nice, and simple. It doesn't make me feel like they are going to run out with my money - because we have all the wood, so there is no way this could happen. No matter how many references you get, there is still something nerve racking about having someone in your home for so long.

Now, for some pictures . . .

Here is Roy and Mo beginning to work on the stairs:
This is what our bedroom looks like now:

(i don't think I got all the clothes I needed out in time . . .oops!)

Here is all our stuff crammed into the guest bathroom:

(yup, not a storage closet...a bathroom)

Here is a photo of the bathroom we are currently using:

Feel bad for me yet? Check out the only living space we have left:

It didn't take long for the joy of running through plastic curtains to wear off and for the annoyance to set in. Somehow a power saw running in your home has a way of putting you in a bad mood. Unlike our original plan to camp out downstairs for a week, it looks like we will have to pack it up and go to a hotel for a few nights. Shucks. We weren't the only ones that were angry, Dylan and Nina were pissed. It turns out they don't like to be locked in a bedroom all day long. Huh. We sent them off to sleep away camp this morning so maybe they can get some peace and quiet there. But, I have a feeling they will still be mad when we pick them up on Saturday.

I will end this with a progress shot:


Corey said...

If I may ask, how are you redoing the stairs? Are you just laying another layer of wood on top of the existing wood? if so, how do you account for the step's bullnose sticking out from over the rise? Will you be carpeting over you stairs, or refinishing them?

I need to redo my stairs too and need to do a good job since you'll see all the woody goodness. :)

Ben said...

Hi Corey,

We have a unique situation with out stairs. Since the molding on the edge of the stairs was put in over the stairs, it makes it difficult to get them out. They are the original stairs we think - but they are in terrible condition. Though, seeing the old school hand-hammered nails is amazing. So, we are laying the new wood over the old wood. For the bullnose, you simply cut it off with a saw. You just have to be careful.

We will not be carpeting them, since I seem to have an affinity for falling down carpeting steps. Instead we are going to stain them and paint the risers white.

Corey said...

Thanks Ben!

I too have molding over the stairs. Looks like I'll be laying the floors over the existing stairs (after I get rid of the squeaks).

I think I'll be laying hardwood on the treads and use a pine or something cheaper on the risers and paint them white.

Injuries Obtained

  • Sprained Toe/Foot: 1
  • Blood Blisters: 2
  • Splinters under fingernail: 1
  • Bird Shit on me: 1
  • Eye Injuries: 3
  • Burns: 0
  • Falls off ladder: 0 (this is because we don't have a ladder yet)
  • Headaches: too many to itemize
  • Broken Bones: 0
  • Bandages Needed: 5
  • Electric Shocks: 2
  • Stiches: 0
  • Bruises: way too many