Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Design Board: Jennie's Kitchen

When Jennie wrote me to help her with her kitchen, I was ecstatic! She had already taken the steps to change her counter color and was ready to continue to journey. Here is here letter:

I have been lurking on your blog for awhile now – not really sure how I found you – it was either the Young House or another blog. I am in the middle of a mini makeover on my kitchen and need some help. I recently took the plunge and painted my laminate counter tops. They were a horrible hunter green. The problem I am having is all the wood in the kitchen matches. The flooring, the cabinets and our kitchen table are all that HORRIBLE honey color – I can’t change the wood flooring at this time but I can work on the cabinets and wall colors. I am attaching a bad cell phone picture. If you are up for the challenge and see potential I can send you better pictures. I am stuck with where to go from here – any help would be great appreciated. Thanks!

Here is Jennie's kitchen:

And, here is what I came up with:

1. Colors: Since Jennie dislikes her current matching floor/cabinet design, it looks like it’s time to paint those cabinets! I have chosen two complimentary tones for the cabinet and walls. They are mocha brown carrying cream and tan notes that will reflect well with the newly painted counter. Now, if the idea of a colored cabinet is a little off-putting, a white cabinet would certainly look great with either of these colors at the wall cabinet. As it is, I would paint the cabinets in the lighter shade and stick to the darker shade for the walls.

2. The lights in the kitchen are to be replaced by recessed lighting and Jennie wants to install some pendants for over the bar area. These clear rustic pendants from Potterybarn ($179 for two) do just the trick! They add a cottage yet elegant look to the space. Since they have clear shades, the light they provide won’t be compromised by the shade color.

3. The neutral colors from this rug are a combination of cool and warm tones (Walmart, $19.96-189.96). It comes in a variety of sizes so Jennie can either choose a small rug for beneath her sink or a larger runner. For these prices, a larger rug for under the kitchen table too!

4. In downplaying the floor color it’s important to not just glaze over it. Incorporating the color through these great bamboo shades is the perfect way to do it. It adds texture to the space, allows the user to determine the amount of privacy or light, and compliment the rest of the space greatly. (Walmart, $31.35-46.65)

5. Now, for the space above the cabinets. Since Jennie wants to remove the baskets and replace them with lettering, I found a great solution. Wall decals! The one I like best is the one in the collage which says “eat, drink, be merry” – but this company offer a slew of them to choose from. (Right on the Walls $30.95-45.95)

Are you looking for a little inspiration for your project? Shoot me an e-mail at Oh, and did I mention. . . it's FREE!


JennieG said...

Ben - thanks for the awesome inspiration!

Ben said...

Anytime Jennie!

Alison Moore Smith said...

Wow. I remember when horrible honey was THE color of choice.

I forgot how old I was...

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