Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A preview of things to come

I ran across this picture on This Young House yesterday and felt a tiny bit (OK a lot) of excitement as it is so similar to what my kitchen will look like when it is complete:

Will this be a new trend?


Scenic Artisan said...

in my work as a faux finisher i have seen this trend for about 3 years in the wealthier parts of the city and metro area.
Ann Sacks and Waterworks inspired i'd think.

its a pretty stunning classic look.
while i'd agree its a trend, i dont think it will come to look dated. real materials used in a tradition way + limited color = timeless.

Benny said...

Hi Scenic,

I couldn't agree more!


QuincyInk said...

I hope it's here to stay--I want to do nearly the same thing to our CH rowhouse...someday! :)

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