Monday, June 8, 2009

Steal this look. . . for less: Mirrored Nighstand

Exhibit A: Potterybarn's Park Mirrored Bedside Table ($399)

Exhibit B: Pier 1's Hayworth Nightstand ($199.95)

With a trendy look like this it's great to know you can spend half as much to create the same look.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Just fyi - Ive seen the pier 1 version in person and its not very well made. The drawer was already falling apart! It might just have been a bum piece or it could have gotten some major wear in the store but it scared me enough to keep walking.

(Never saw the PB version so it could have the same problem for all I know)

Ben said...

Mrs. Limestone,

Good to know! It's kind of a toss up at that place.


Newburgh Restoration said...

I'm really wanting a pair of those for my future master bedroom. I see them often at a furniture vintage store by my home

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